our work

Our work is guided by the philosophy of starting right and building great, long term relations with our customers. We aim to offer integrated services, from development to project management and business consulting. As a team, we build custom web projects, tailored to our customer’s every need, thus having extensive experience in several verticals such as: grants management, health and wellbeing industry, hospitality industry, finance and insurance, transportation, E- learning, Big data, human resources and recruiting applications, arts.

symmetra echallenge presentation

eChallenge, by Symmetra

eChallenge is a gamified online platform that turns learning into a game, and it's designed to make the players experience refreshingly different. Mainly, it was built using the main web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but the final product gives you a complete dynamical experience using motion, sound effects and a single page application game page that makes it very interactive and responsive.

IM Tour

The IMTour project was proposed by Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF), an arts service nonprofit, to serve artists by reducing their time burden experience in identifying, connecting with, and presenting visual and/or performing arts to the public and, at the same time, the arts community allowing to save money through the introduction of operating efficiencies related to the web. The primary purpose of the site is to facilitate the booking of contemporary independent musicians by nonprofit presenters.

im tour presentation
expensebite presentation


ExpenseBite is an application designed to ease out the process of managing a restaurant. It provides a system of keeping the inventories up-to- date and leverage the data through accounting reports, place orders to vendors, view and track receipts and notify vendors of any issues that could arise and pay invoices electronically.