In our opinion, delivering an end to end, fully customized solution does not only mean development work. It actually means delivering integrated solutions, that combine top notch development but also business consultancy, relationship management and project management.

business consultancy

We have always hated to be associated with the term code monkey, as our main objective is to become much more than that. And we have decided to use our experience for good and advise our customers every step of the way. Our account managers and PMs have extensive business experience and are able to help you with advice every step of the product development. And another very important aspect that we believe differentiates us from many companies out there, is that our developers are also selected so that they are not only great coders but also business oriented. What does that mean? Well, for instance, when recommending a technology, they will not only take in consideration the technical requirements of the project, but also your business objectives, the business logic and we'll propose the solutions that also imply the best usage of your budget. We are very flexible and highly adaptable in terms of organizing the teams and keeping in touch, so that we bring the most value to your whole business and not only to the code behind it.

relationship management

We understand that in order for you to build a successful business, we need to be involved, committed and in for the long run. And we prefer such long-term relationships as well, because we feel this is the best way we can bring you value - by committing, growing your ideas, helping you succeed. And in this scenario, our relationship managers play a vital role, especially if you decide to manage the project yourself, or you have an international team that is managed from your end. The relationship manager is the guy/or girl who is always in your corner, helping you with all administrative and financial issues. More than that, he is sort of your spokesperson if the relationship with your development team or a PM on our end, gets bumpy from time to time. And if you manage the project on your end, he can also be a second PM, that exercises control and keeps in touch with your development team. And we offer this service without any additional cost, your budget being invested solely in the actual development of your project.

project management

Our project management team is key, when offering an integrated development solution to our customers, that goes beyond coding and focuses on establishing a long term business relation. We believe in PMs that are not only part of our team, but who become an important part of our customer's teams as well. So that's why we are using a non-conventional PM methodology that successfully combines Agile with the Kanban productivity principles.

The Kanban technique will be applied as an agile software development management methodology tailored to the needs and specifics of each project and client wishes. The implementation process will be divided into modules considering the defined milestones in the Project Timeline. Each milestone will be treated as a separate mini-project and a functioning feature will be delivered at the end of each milestone. Trello or JIRA the Tracking system will be used as a tool. The established tasks will be divided into epics and separated in sprints and along the way, the entire development process at the Barandi location will be planned, controlled and supervised by a local PM, which will report and provide weekly statuses to the client. And since we believe personal communication is key, especially when it comes to working with international customers, we are flexible in terms of schedule and always available for Skype calls or Hangouts.