Once I send you detailed specs regarding our project, what are the next steps?

It's a 3 step thing-very easy! We discuss all your business needs over a video meeting and run them by our mega-talented and technically creative developers and product managers. We get back to you with a rough time estimation based on your initial specs within a couple of days. If all terms and conditions are met, we start working on the actual development, on the date we agree upon.

What happens if I don't have detailed specs, but only an idea?

The idea makes for 50% of the project and we make for the rest. So basically if you can explain your idea and your business vision to us, we can work together on a road map and an action plan. We'll recommend technologies and explain how each benefits your project. And we can also help out with planning the development process, to ensure faster time-to- market AND the best usage of your budget.

How big is your company?

We're a team of 12 (and growing) bright people who are passionate about building great web products. Each of our developers is specialized on a certain technology, and they're all experts in their field.

What is your payment procedure?

Our invoices are sent on a weekly basis for the work done in the previous week. All invoices are accompanied by detailed worklogs, describing the work that is being charged.

What project management methodology are you using?

When taking up fresh start-up ideas we work with quick iterations, believe in early and frequent releases and follow the Agile principles. If your product is at a point where it requires a larger team, then our Product Managers will recommend using either SCRUM or KANBAN, depending on the specific nature of the product.

Are you experienced in working with start-up companies?

Our customers are 90% startups see http://www.townrally.com/, thus we understand that in order for you to build a successful business, we need to be involved, committed and in for the long run. We also know that faster time-to- market and responding to user demand are key factors for startups, therefore we work with quick iterations, believe in early and frequent releases and follow the Agile principles.

What is your experience with back-end technologies?

Our back-end team has over 6 years experience in working with a very large range of PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Zend, Laravel, Symfony, as well as designing and optimizing large traffic SQL databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL). Recently we have been focusing on building faster, leaner back-ends with the use of the latest top notch technologies, such as NodeJS and MongoDB.

What is your experience with front-end technologies?

We BREATHE the latest front-end technologies! If you're looking for faster development and a highly scalable end product, you've come to the right place. Because our main focus is on JavaScript frameworks, such as AngularJS. Using them, we leverage the client-side as much as possible, moving most of the interface to JavaScript, including rendering templates or advanced data manipulation, while keeping the server-side for advanced REST APIs. This allows us to optimize speed, offline support and development efficiency. This all add up to a great experience, on any device.

Will I be working with a project manager or directly?

Well, it depends on your needs. If you require more than 40 man hours/week, a team led by a technical PM would be a good option for you. At the same time, if you only need one developer, you will have the benefit of working directly with him.

Will I be working with a developer or with a team?

This depends on your needs and the workload involved. If you are comfortable with a part time (20 hours/week for instance) and up to a full time (40 hours/week) pace, then a developer should suffice. At the same time, if you are looking at more than a 40 hours a week workload, then a team would be most suitable for you. In this case, one of the developers in the team would act as lead developer and would be your contact person throughout the whole development process. And, of course, an assigned Account Manager will also be there to answer all of your administrative questions and assist you in various matters.

Are you available for Skype meetings/Hangouts? Between what hours?

Yes, we are available for Skype Meetings/Hangouts with you. We prefer to schedule these meetings 1-2 days in advance so that we can synchronize / align our schedules and have them at a comfortable hour for both of us.

Can you start working on my project right away?

Since we are working on long term projects, that involve our colleagues 100%, we usually need a bit of a buffer time before we can take on a new project. Just to give you an idea, the buffer time is most often somewhere around 2 weeks.

Can I see the CV's of the people I will be working with?

When getting new people to join our team, we don't ask them for their resumes and, thus, do not keep any. We only request to see their work and discuss their coding experience, then we make sure they're passionate about what they do, that they're creative and that they have the "spark", over a series of interviews. You can do the same, as we are available for preliminary Skype meetings with you.

Do you work on a hourly basis or on a per-project basis?

We prefer to work on an hourly basis, so as to avoid the common pitfall in which over 70% of software projects fail: the constant battle between the initially agreed price and the changing of specifications. And the catch is that you get to pay only for the actual work that has been done for your project and not an overrated package price.

Do you also offer design services?

Since we are a web development company, we prefer to let the design specialists work their magic. So, if you are also looking to have a complex identity built, or high-end wireframes designed, we would recommend working with a specialist in this area, before starting the actual development process. If you have difficulties finding a talented designer we can happily recommend someone from our trusted collaborators' network.

Why pick you and not a cheaper firm?

You should keep in mind that cheaper is not always better. You may pay a smaller price now BUT, in the long run, it will cost you so much more! How many times have you heard "They promised 3 weeks about 3 months ago"? We've come across this refrain quite a few times during the last few years. Some of our current, ongoing customers were such victims of the "cheaper" illusion when we took their projects in. What you need is efficient - the best balance you can find between price, duration and quality - the right balance for you, of course.
If you have any further questions for us, we'll be happy to help. Just use our form or the chatbox on your bottom right-hand side.